Automotive Supply


  • Electric cars with different range and battery systems
  • Connected vehicles
  • Energy infrastructure for electric cars
  • New organizational structures and business model with ever shorter innovation cycles


  • E-mobility strategy with clear USP
  • Restructuring of cannibalized business
  • Development of new organizations and cultures
  • Technological development (real-time monitoring, ecological drive concepts, ...)
  • Adaptation of quality management systems, artificial intelligence etc.

Mechanical Engineering


  • New business models and services - flexibility, modularity, speed (Industry 4.0, Smart Factory)
  • Globalization
  • Predictive / Preventive maintenance
  • IT and OT systems with integrated PLM system
  • Prototyping, 3D printing, AR and VR in Shopfloor
  • Robotics - M2M and HMI communication


  • Time, cost and innovation pressure
  • Low cost machines specially in low segment and mid segment
  • Competition with Asian manufacturers
  • Data management / Security protocols for cloud and IoT solutions
  • Individual / Customized production at the cost of mass production

Ship Building und Plant Engineering


  • Specialization in ships and facilities (e.g. cruise ships, mega yachts, offshore facilities)
  • Development as EPC provider with maintenance contracts
  • Integrated design and production processes
  • Increased integration of key suppliers


  • Increasing competitive pressure (shipyards from the Far East & Europe, state shipyards)
  • Demanding financing models
  • Complex project and organizational structure
  • Data Security problem along with the technological development (Real time monitoring, As-a Service Model) 

Technical Consumer Goods


  • Connected consumer goods
  • Operational Excellence / OEE
  • Globalization
  • As-a service models / consumption based business models
  • Fleet Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Global functional networks


  • Customized customer demands
  • Price pressure from globalization
  • Changed consumer behavior
  • Resource management of suitable staff for the new topics
  • Increased product complexity due to regional specifics


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