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SGP's consultants are engineers and business administrators - trained to think and work accurately. Interdisciplinary intellectual entrepreneurial challenges is what team enjoys


Despite all the enthusiasm for technology and numbers, we know that  the  biggest  asset  is  the  human  being.  No process  will  be successful if people do not succeed in inspiring them. We integrate, because  we  are  not  anonymous  consultants,  but  a  team  of consultants with faces. Each of them sees themselves as partners with those with whom and for whom they work.


We want  to create  innovative business models and correspondingly innovative organizational and controlling solutions. We see it as our task to make the business of our customers more future-oriented and successful

Goal Oriented

We have in-depth knowledge of our disciplines and industries, but are still practitioners who like to roll up their sleeves and work passionately. As beautiful as theories may be, we value our work in practice. We like to be measured by it.

Why SGP is your appropriate partner for your project!

Customer Relationship


  • Long-term cooperation with situation-adequate support of the most important management


Production based

  • Automotive supply
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Ship building and plant engineering
  • Technical consumer goods

Consulting Approach

Customized solution

  • Through experienced
    and   implementation-
    oriented consultants



  • Organizational
  • Complexity-management
  • Digital transformation

SGP wants to help their clients in this fast moving world in growth related topics. With the growth comes the complexity and we not only support in the creation of new ideas, but we remain until the customer has success. SGP not only focuses on innovation, but also on implementation until the customer realizes it. With the growing trend of Digital Transformation / Internet of Things / Industry 4.0, over the past few years, SGP has developed its own ecosystem to help customers and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Unser Team

Entrepreneurship Ship Building Yacht Automotive Mechanical Engineering Technical Consumer Goods Organization Digital Transformation Watches Classic Mercedes Family Travelling

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Jörg Staiger

Electronics Supply chain Logistics Team work Strategy Mechanical Engineering Restructuring Leadership Coaching Innovation Travelling

Prof. Dr. Fridtjof Langenhan

Coaching Training and Therapy Entrepreneurship Fine Wine & Beer Team work Leadership Travelling Ski in Alps Self-development Goal Oriented

Ulrike Staiger

Interimsmanagement Organisationsentwicklung Sanierung Coaching Schiffbau Windenergie Change Management Krisenmanagement Sport Familie Reisen

Tomas Marutz

Ship Building Finance Controlling Ski in Alps Travel & Explore Project Management Organization Restructuring Process Improvement Data Analysis Work-Life Balance

Martin Geck

Project Management Process Management Hiking Wellness & Travelling Organizational Development Business Development PLM Software Roll Outs Digital Transformation Outsourcing / Offshoring Audits, ISO, SOA, Six Sigma Supply Chain Management Biking

Alexander Kieper

Research Development Innovation-Management Industry 4.0 Agile-Management Team Work Family & Friends Controlling Travel & Explore Digital Transformation Work-Life Balance Coaching

Dr. Christoph Munck

Shipbuilding Project Management My Daughter Project Cockpits Planning and Steering Project Reviews Summer Quality management Sales Innovation Change Management

Dr. Andreas Pracht

Assistant Yoga My Kids Mercedes Goal Oriented Fresh Flowers Creativity Nature Teamwork Human Resources

Corinna Heufer

Assistant Controlling Accounting Cooking Hiking Travelling Tea lover Vacation Family & Friends Office Management

Lydia Orthofer

Digital Transformation Process Analysis & Improvement Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Strategy & Business Development Innovation & Globalisation IoT Ecosystem development Industry Networking Hiking Mountain lover Paragliding & River Rafting Biking Exploring Europe

Husen Kapasi


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